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10 With Des - Alfred State Arizona Connection

10 With Des - Alfred State Arizona Connection

Athletic department intern and senior football player Desmond Radcliffe recently talked to the three fall athletes, women's soccer player Chloe Cox (Tuscon, AZ), football player Steven Hubick (Fountain Hills, AZ), and cross country runner Joseph Kretschmar (Phoenix, AZ), that came to Alfred State from Arizona. In the latest 10 with Des, we get an inside look into their journey to Alfred State and their experiences once on campus.

How did you find Alfred State and why did you choose to attend all the way from Arizona?

CC: My father grew up just a few towns away from Alfred and I still have a lot of family in the area. When I found out Alfred offered my degree of radiologic technology I decided to apply and reach out to Coach Holmok. After I came to visit last April I decided that this was the school for me. 

SH: I never really "found" Alfred State, one day I received a call from one of the coaches asking me if I would like to be a part of the Alfred State football team. Before saying yes, I checked if they had my major (nursing) and after seeing they had my major and a relatively good program I jumped on a plane and started attending school here. 

JK: I found Alfred State through a family connection and a mechanic at a NASCAR event. 

What were some of the differences between Arizona and Alfred that you had to adjust to?

CC: Alfred is a much smaller town compared to where I'm from so that's a big change, but I really like the community.

SH: The biggest adjustment I had to make is being away from my home and family. At first this was a hard transition, but with time and the few trips my parents have made up here it has been easier.  

JK: I mostly had to adjust to the climate change and get used to it raining at least once every week. 

What are some of your personal goals for yourself this season?

CC: I am a transfer student and in my previous 2 years of collegiate soccer I dealt with some injuries so my main goal this year was to stay healthy and make a difference every time I step on the field. Also, being a defensive player I wanted to score at least one goal.

SH: Some goals I set for myself was to have more than 100 tackles and get my first interception in a college game. I'm at 85 tackles and have one interception, so I'm about to meet my goal but my new goal is to make 120 tackles. 

JK: My current goal for this season is to run a 28:30 8k. 

Throughout your career at Alfred State what game did you feel you had your best performance?

CC: The team as a whole had a good showing against Houghton College, but individually I am still waiting on my best performance. 

SH: I believe I haven't had a "best performance" yet. After each game I watch film and critique myself on everything I do, from keying certain players, to my footwork, to my tackling form. Though the coaches and players say I had a good performance, I keep the chip on my shoulder and believe I'm going to have the "best performance" in my upcoming game. 

JK: My best race was in Oberlin, Ohio. I ran a 28:43 8k as my new personal record. 

Who is your favorite team?

CC: My favorite soccer team is Manchester United.

SH: Born in Chicago, I bleed Orange and Blue, DA BEARS

JK: My favorite team is the Alfred State Cross Country team. 

What has been the best thing that happen to you since you been at Alfred?

CC: The best thing to happen to me since coming to Alfred would have to be just being a part of this soccer team. Soccer is a beautiful game and I'm lucky I get to play it with such a wonderful group of ladies. 

SH: The best thing that has happened to me since I've been in Alfred is meeting the most beautiful and amazing girl I've ever laid eyes on, my girlfriend Keturah. 

JK: The best thing that has happened to me since I arrived here is having a top 7 spot on the cross country team. 

What do you do to get yourself into game mode before the game start?

CC: Every game day starts by listening to some Yeezy and I can't start a game without a chest bump from my teammate Nicole Gilbert, she's number eight on the field but number one in my heart.

SH: The first thing I do is listen to the Beatles, they remind me of my family and the reason I'm playing the game and all the opportunities they give me. After that I pray asking God to fill me with strength and remove any fear that I have in my body. After those two rituals, I'm ready to play the game. 

JK: To prepare for a race I focus on my form as I do strides and set goal times to hit at each mile. I like to motivate myself by thinking of harder runs I did than this race. 

What are your future plans after your collegiate career is completed?

CC: After college I plan on pursuing a degree in radiologic technology while continuing my education and hopefully coaching soccer. 

SH: Once I'm done with college, I plan on being a nurse in either the OR or the ER. After having some experience under my belt I want to further my education and eventually become a nurse practitioner.

JK: I plan to get hired by a NASCAR cup team pit crew. I also plan to continue running by competing outside of a school team. 

Who do you look up to?

CC: I look up most to my older brother, he is a phenomenal athlete and every once in a while I get lucky and he shares some of his soccer wisdom with me.

SH: There's one person that I look up to and idolize and that is Walter "Sweetness" Payton. Former Chicago Bears running back, he inspires me to be the best I could be on and off the field. 

JK: I tend to look up to all my fellow teammates equally because they push for me to work hard. 

What is the first thing someone should do when they visit Arizona?

CC: First thing you should do when you visit Arizona is drink some water so you don't get heat stroke. Then once you think you're done hydrating you should get some tacos, raspados, sonoran hot dogs and head up to see the Grand Canyon. 

SH: The first thing they should do when visiting Arizona is buy a camelback, sunscreen, and a large sombrero. 

JK: Go to the Grand Canyon, hike, and enjoy the beauty the desert can offer. And most of all, survive the heat! 

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