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Compliance Minute - April 4th

Compliance Minute - April 4th

Congratulations STUDENT-Athletes!  April 6, 2016, is the 29th annual National STUDENT-Athlete Day!

National STUDENT-Athlete Day honors student-athletes and their parents, coaches, teachers and schools that make it possible for young people to strike a balance between academic and athletic achievement and those who use sport as a vehicle for positive social change. The day, established by the National Consortium for Academics & Sports, is co-sponsored by the NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and Northeastern University's Sport in Society.

President Clinton has saluted those with an open letter acknowledging the day.  He wrote, "A healthy balance between sports and academics is essential to ensuring that our students are prepared for the challenges of the future."  Richard Lapchick, President of National Consortium for Academics and Sports, said "Sport is a powerful tool for making positive social change. Sports' greatest ambassadors are our student-athletes. National STUDENT-Athlete Day honors those young men and women who have achieved excellence. Having honored over 3.8 million student-athletes since 1997, that is a true testament to the leadership that sport has brought to young people."

Alfred State has over 325 student athletes that compete on our 18 intercollegiate teams.  Our club sport teams hold another 50+!  Congratulations go to all of them for their commitment to their academics, sports and to those that support and value STUDENT-Athletes.

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